Friday, 13 February 2015

Soul Ties Part 1

What is a soul tie you may ask? Well a soul tie ties two souls together in the spiritual realm. Unholy soul ties are dangerous spiritually, physically and mentally. Soul ties are formed without one's knowledge.

Here are some various ways soul ties can be formed:

1. Through close friendships/Besties
Two people who are open to one another will develope a soul tie, the strength of those soul ties depends upon how deeply involved with another their heart becomes.
This type of soul ties can be good or bad. For example Ruth and Naomi had a good soul tie, Ruth’s late husband was Naomi’s son. While they were connected by a marriage relationship, they were also dear friends.
Ruth and Naomi's bond was so strong that Ruth insisted on returning with Naomi to her home country of Israel. Even though Ruth had lost her husband to death, she did not want to lose her friend. They returned to Israel together grieving deeply for their mutual loss. Now that is a good exampel of a good soul tie.
An example of a bad soul tie in friendships can be any friendship that is obsessive or manipulative. We need to therefore be careful and examine our friends be it male or female before we become close or besties.
If you are a female and you know you can not be friends with a male without you catching feelings or fantasizing about a future with him, it will be advisable if you do not approach that friendship. If you are a male and you know that you can not be friends with a female without you lusting after her, it is advisable you do not approach that friendship. Because soul ties can be formed through those late night calls and long hours conversations about how emotional your day was or how life is treating you. Carry your burdens unto Jesus instead of a man or a woman and let the Holy Spirit comfort you instead of that man or woman at the other end of the line. Jesus wants that type of intimate relationship with you.

We need to be really careful because people that come into our live have a huge influence on our walk with Christ.

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